Woman Making History #74: Starhawk


starhawk.jpgEarth-based spirituality pioneer Starhawk was born in Minnesota in 1951. Her's is a leading voice in American paganism and ecofeminism.

Starhawk is the daughter of Russian-American Jewish parents. She studied film at UCLA and wrote a Goldwyn Award-winning novel in early 1970s, before becoming involved in paganism, Goddess worship, and environmentalism.

Starhawk has authored or co-authored several books on spirituality, including neo-pagan textbook The Spiral Dance. She is also the co-founder of Reclaiming, an organization dedicated to activist paganism, as well as a partner in a film production company, focusing on documentaries about women leaders in paganism.

Starhawk's Home Page


Hey, i met Starhawk a couple of years ago! I think a lot of activists here will remember her as the compost toilet queen, since that's another area of expertise on her part.

Funny, that wasn't in her official bio OR Wikipedia. :)

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