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I had really hoped I'd get more than four days into not shopping before I started a list of stuff I want to buy, but I am who I am, and so the list begins. It will probably get long.

Things I'd buy if I weren't not shopping:

1. Obama merch. My favorites are this sticker, this one, and this one. But I have to admit there is some small part of me that would love to display this one somewhere on my person.

2. Spring shoes. I really, really want spring shoes. Something cute and flat. And some sandals. I'm digging the Earth Echelon and Allure, the Dunham Juniper Mary Jane, and these incredibly cute New Balance yoga shoes (think I could pull those off with skirts?). I also really like these Red Wing Cosmos flats. For sandals, I'm tempted by a number of the Clarks styles, especially the Twill, but what I want more than anything is just some really nice, comfy flip flops, like these by Columbia or these by Simple.

I'd also love to get some boots for next year when they go on sale...

3. The Windowshoppist is giving me all sorts of stuff lust. In particular, I am nutso about the retro print laptop covers by Nanda (particularly the Stella green) and the truly fabulous Broken Plate Pendant Company jewelry. I'd have a hard time choosing just one, but right this moment I am lusting over the Peacock Broken Plate Pendant.


OMG - I totally want that shirt! I'd wear it to karaoke.

The truth is that the only way I am going to get myself out of debt is to stop fucking shopping. Just stop. Completely, at least for a while. And as the season of Lent is upon us (though I am starting a day early), the next 40 days seems as good a time as any. So that's the goal--no shopping for 40 days (aside from grocery shopping).

Based on this list, I'd argue that you are still shopping. You just aren't buying. If your goal is to get out of debt, no harm, no foul. If your goal is to get your shopping under control, I fear this list is setting yourself up for a binge at the end of Lent.

It might help you to think of how you are going to reward yourself at the end. Come up with something that doesn't involve shopping. This may help shift your focus. (I know when I did a strict diet thing years ago, it was really hard for me to come up with non-food-related celebratory behaviors to mark my successes.)

Shit, you're probably right. My ultimate goal is to not WANT to shop. So I'm probably not doing myself any good.

I hate this.

Buddhists call this "fanning the flames of desire." Well, some Buddhists do... :p The desire feels kind of yummy, but it tends to result in suffering. Just something to think about.

I like what Siobhan said, too.

I'd have to agree with Siobhan...if you want to stop wanting to buy things, you have to stop looking at things to buy. If you don't window shop, you won't have a list of things you want, because you won't see things to want. Sure, you might feel like "oh, I want some spring shoes" but that's a much easier feeling to deny (at least IME) than "I want THOSE shoes."

I know that shopping becomes a form of entertain ment and such - maybe you need to find other activities to replace it?

Anyway, good luck! I know its hard...I am making a bit more money now, and really enjoying spending it! It's hard to get that under control, even when I know I have to save for car repairs, etc. :\ what a tough habit.

If you really like those laptop cozies - make one - they look pretty easy and you probably have fun looking fabrics (old sheets, old shirts) around to use.

Yikes... that Windowshoppist site is deadly! There are so many things I want showcased there.

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