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Last night I had the opportunity to try my first Fantasy Bath product. They shipped very quickly, and each of the bath bombs came wrapped up in its own small box, complete with a color label. Perfect for gifting. They also have free shipping with all orders over $40, which is fantastic.

The bomb I chose for my first trial was the purple heart-shaped "Little Things" bath bomb. From the website:

All of us have those special little things that never fail to lift our spirits. A dog's smile. A good book. A warm sunny spot. Remember to take time for the little things every day. Scatter some bird seed on the ground, breathe deeply, and remember to smile.

Perfect after a hard day.

Well, not exactly. First, let me say that the way the bombs work is fantastic. They are somewhere between Lush's bubble bars and their bath bombs. They smell and fizz and soften the water, but they also create soft foamy bubbles. It's great. I only used 1/2 of the bath bomb and it was plenty of bubbles, moisture, and scent.

Yeah...scent. The smell just does not work at all. It's very strong and very perfume-like. The website categorizes the scent as "violets and hyacinth are cooled with subtle notes of citrus and the base is a threefold hit of syntheic musk, sandalwood and sweet sweet amber." I should have known that would be too much all together, and it most certainly is.

That being said, given the overall quality of the product, I am excited to try another one, with a scent more up my ally. I'm generally not much of a flower or musk girl, so it's not that surprising that I didn't care much for "Little Things." I'll report back.


I think describing it as a "threefold hit" is troubling right off the bat. Unless I've passed out and need to be brought to, I don't particularly want to be hit with any scent.

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