Westminster Wrap-Up


The second night was just as exciting as the first!

westminster_golden.jpgThe first group of the night was the Sporting dogs. So a very long parade of spaniels. I was very fond of the Golden Retriever, but he didn't place. The other dogs that stood out to me were the Brittany, James, who took first, and the Irish Setter, Fonzie, who took fourth.westminster_setter.jpg

westminster_pbgv.jpgThe next group were the hounds, my second favorite. Again, I called the winner, the PBGV, Fairchild. I also really liked the look of the Deerhound, Margot, who took third.margot.jpg I've seen her show before and she's a gorgeous dog. I didn't expect either of them to place (and they didn't), but the Wolfhound and the Bloodhound were also really nice looking dogs who showed well, given their breeds.

bouvier.jpgThe final group was the herding dogs, and I couldn't make a prediction for this group, because our cable went out for a few minutes right in the middle of it. I did note, however, when viewing the first few dogs, that the Bouviers, Indy, looked particularly good. And he won!

t2.james.ap.jpgAnd then best in show. At first, I insisted that the spaniel would take it. Then I saw how well the PBGV was showing and changed my call. Apparently I should have stuck with my original thought, because the spaniel won. And it wasn't a ridiculous choice--he showed beautifully. Still, I would have loved to see the scruffy hound dog take it. Maybe next time. At least it wasn't Bill Cosby's Dandie Denmont.

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