New foster dog: Jake!

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jake.jpgMeet our newest foster pup, Jake! Jake is a four to five year old black & tan coonhound mix (maybe mixed with Doberman, or at least that's the best guess we've heard so far). As you can see, he's very very skinny. He has had a hard life, and spent the last several months (maybe more than a year) roaming without a home. He got into some kind of a scrap with a critter of some variety (the guess is raccoon) and got a bad bite on his back leg, which got really really infected. Then some good person picked him up and took him to the vet, who fixed up the leg and got in touch with us, and now he's walking fine, infection free, and at our house.

It will be a bit before Jake is ready to be adopted--he needs to finish his course of antibiotics, and he needs to gain some weight. Right now, he has worms, which is impeding his weight gain, but that will be cleared up pretty quickly. He's either had some sort of throat surgery or been debarked, as he has a large scar on his neck and no real bark (a howl/whine instead). And he's totally sweet--he is very affectionate, playful with the other dogs, and just wants to be loved and taken care of. We're working on his manners (he's a jumper), but otherwise is no trouble at all, so we aren't going to mind taking care of him until we find him a perfect home.


You were right, he's so skinny! But such a cutie. I think I'll come steal him.

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