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body%20whip.gifI guess I kind of fell down on the job with the bath product reviews. I have been using them at a frantic rate, sometimes two baths a day, but I haven't been telling you all about it. But this should tell you all you need to know:

The other day, I made a second order from one of the Lush-alternative sources for bath indulgence I tried. Before even sampling all the stores on my list, I made another order from one. That, my friends, is burgeoning addiction.

The lucky and fabulous store? The Rainforest Soap Shack (can also be found on Etsy). My first order from the RSS was their great six bath blasters for $13.00 deal. I picked six different scents, liked all of them, and ordered six different ones from their extensive list this time. The real seller, though, was the amazing body whip that was sent to me as a freebie with my last order--I ordered a full-size one this time, as well as a sugar scrub.

One of the really great things about the Rainforest Soap Shack is the ability to customize. You can pick the color and scent of your products, and the 1/2 dozen bath blasters deal is mix and match, so you can get six different scents. For my order this time, I chose to have the body whip in my favorite bath blaster scent from my last order (Grandma's Kitchen, a spicy, vanilla-y scent that smells just like something tasty baking).

For 1/2 dozen 4 oz. bath blasters (each the perfect size for one bath), a 4 oz. jar of body whip, and a 6 oz. sugar scrub, with shipping, my total was a very reasonable $37.30. As a bonus, the shop's fantastic proprietess emailed me today to let me know my order was appreciated and my stuff was on its way! Great products AND fantastic service! I'll try to get out of the tub for long enough to let you know how the products are when they arrive, but no promises!


I found your site on a random search and wanted to let you know I am north of Austin. I looooove the bluehanger(north) and wonder if I have run into you. I shopped the Springdale location until they opened the north store.

Come up and say hi if you see me there! I'd love to meet you!

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