BLOG CONTEST: What to do with a Beanie Baby?


pile of beanie babiesI've long admired people who have contests on their blogs, but never put one together myself. However, an idea came to me last night while (what else?) thrifting, so I present to you my first ever blog contest!

First, some background: one of the reasons I like thrifting (and this may be true of all thrifters or may just be me, I'm not sure) is that I am sentimental about other people' stuff. I like to look at all the items for sale in thrift shops and think about where they came from and what they were used for and stuff like that. This is a messy business, however, when it comes to trying to make a profit thrifting, as it is difficult for me to force myself to buy only stuff I think I can resell and not stuff I think deserves another chance.

And there are always certain items that I just plain feel sorry for. Not the stuff that has clearly been used and loved and has come to thrift store to die--I'm fine with that stuff. Rather, I feel sorry for stuff that has clearly not been used. And more than anything, these days, I feel sorry for Beanie Babies.

Every time I go to the bins, I see no fewer than 20 Beanie Babies, 90% of which still have their tags on them. These have never been played with or used in any way. They were purchased to "make someone a fortune," and when they didn't, they were ditched at the thrift store. This is unbearably sad to me. And yet, I can't let myself buy the Beanie Babies and give them a better life, another shot, because I know I can't resell them and I have no use for them myself. I mean, what am I gonna do with an Army of tags-still-on Beanie Babies?

That's where the contest comes in. I want to hear all of your ideas for uses for these poor neglected and abandoned Beanie Babies. Come up with some reason for me to free them from their thrift store confines. If it figures into your equation at all, know that they can be had for between ten cents and a quarter each.

The best idea will get a prize. The prize is a secret. Go forth and participate!


All my ideas involve eviscerating them. Beanie Baby backpack? Beanie Baby blanket?

How big are they, anyway?

They're little--maybe 9" tall?

You know you want a pair of pants like Flea used to wear...

I'm sorry, I don't get it...?

You could always use them to make a version of the Campana Brothers' Banquette Chair:

Give them to a domestic violence shelter for the kids to play with or keep.

Flea from Red Hot Chile Peppers wore stuffed animal pants in the 'Higher Ground" video. (I just realized you may have thought IO meant flea from the Ms Boards! heehee!)

Hmmm... I will go search for links:

Once upon a time I had a surplus of beanie babies and instead of taking the time to sell them on ebay, I gave them to a family in my church who had 7 kids. 5 of them were adopted and 2 of the adopted ones had Downs syndrome. The happiness those beanies brought them was worth way more than I could have got for them online.

So I'm all for you doing anything with them that involves giving them to poor or needy kids.

1. Paperweights

2. Turn them into a bean bag chair

3. Fill a giant tub full of them and play in it like a sandbox

Will kids actually want these? I mean, do kids play with them? I'd be happy to buy a bunch and give them to a DV shelter or a gift give-away if they are something kids actually desire, but I don't want to give second-rate presents, you know? And I don't know any kids the right age to say.

First - Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up for my swap!
About the Beanie Babies - my son collects them, but only like you are talking about at yard sales and thrift stores and no more than 50ยข a piece - if that much. As for other uses for them - animal shelters like them for small baby kittens and puppies to lay on and cuddle. But, the very best use for them is to send them to IRAQ - the soldiers love handing them out to the Iraqi children and they love receiving them. The soldiers can put several in their cargo pockets and hand them out. Often times there are drives around here to collect items for soldiers. You could donate them that way and not have to pay the shipping overseas.

I donated about 40 beanies belonging to my kids (I had their permission to do this) to a charity sponsoring children orphaned by parental drug use. They were really happy to have them...I would suggest approaching an organisation first to see if they could use them.

I agree that you should give them to charity. Little kids still love beanie babies...they're soft, you can position them in poses, and they are just SO cute! The firestation is my favorite place to donate stuffed animals. The firemen give them to kids after they remove them from their burning houses. It's something to keep them company.

Donate them to the local police force. They typically carry small stuffed animals for children that have been in accidents.

I would either donate them to a hospital, police department, or social services agency to give to kids. I liked the idea of sending them to Iraq. My kids are 2-12 and they all still love Beanies.
cut open their backs, rip out their stuffing and fill them with rice or (can't think of the name) hulls, sew them back up and use them like hot/cold packs.

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