I really love it when people post pictures of the hauls they make from their farm shares. We don't have a farm share--I wish we did, but I haven't been able to find a reasonable local option. However, we do now have an organic, local produce delivery, from this company. And that's almost as good. It doesn't all come from the same farm, but it (at least our box) is all organic and all local, changing depending on what is in season. I'm so for that. So I wanted to share a picture of our first delivery, which we came home to today like a present from Santa:

produce delivery picture

It includes: kale, chard, beets w/ beet greens, sunflower sprouts, cabbage microgreens, mixed salad greens, a yellow onion, a bunch of green onions, 2 grapefruits, two yellow squash, two zucchinis, a jalapeno, some green beans, a small box of blackberries, and a small bag of red potatoes.

Heaven. Well, heaven plus beets.


Sunflower sprouts rock.

I don't think a couple of beets can spoil heaven.

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