But I wanna buy it!


So I am trying (with limited success, but trying) not to spend unnecessary money this month. Getting out of CC debt and all that blah blah blah. Which means, of course, that I keep seeing things that I just. have. to. have. So once again I'm gonna make a list of them rather than buying them. My birthday is August 28, if anybody was wondering.

Hathor Legacy tank top1. Hathor Legacy tank. Love the site, love the shirt, would love to build collection of shirts from my favorite blogs (to go with my Fussy t-shirt).

Melamine lunch box2. Pearl River Melamine Lunch Box. It's so cute! With so many nice compartments! And not plastic! And I am trying so hard to bring my lunch to work more often! I need it, clearly.

Title 9 Universal Shorts3. Title 9 Universal Shorts. I am making do with the shorts I have for the gym, but they are all men's shorts and not the best fitting things in the world. It would be so lovely to have some that were actually made for the body I have.

Superhero Necklace in Earth4. Superhero Necklace. In truth, I already have a Superhero Necklace--the "Grass and Sky" one. And I wear it at least once a week and probably more. And I am greedy and want another one. Preferably the "Earth" one or the "Joy" one.

Red Wing Olivia shoes5. Red Wing Olivia shoes. Again, I already have some of these, in "Sunglow," but I love them so much I want some black ones as well.

I could go on and on. But I won't. Glad I have that out of my system.

Or...not. I'm just going to keep adding to this thread. It will make me feel better. More stuff I want:

brrg%20tank%20top.jpg6. Burning River Roller Girls tank top. My best friend is a member of this roller league (go Eva Lucien!), and I have one of their t-shirts, but I'd really love a tank.


Hi Grace,

I've got a somewhat nosy question for you. No answer or response required if you don't want, and I think someone has mentioned this to you before. (I tried, but my comment got lost I think).

Anyway, the question is: How do you come across these items that you want? Because IME, its hard to want things if you don't ever see them. You wouldn't HAVE TO HAVE that lunch box if you didn't know it existed! And I get the impression that you shop as a hobby, so even when you aren't actively looking for something, you're looking at shopping blogs, checking out etsy, browsing catalogues, etc.

Anyway, it might be easier to not BUY if you were also not (window)SHOPPING.

:) Good luck...I'm in a similar spot - not with debt, but with needing to save money for some up coming stuff. Its not easy, especially once you're used to buying the things you want!

You are, of course, correct. In this case, however, aside from the shoes, these are all things I came across on other people's (non-shopping) blogs.

Those sneaky non-shopping bloggers! That actually happens to me far more than I'd like to admit. ;)

Sounds like you need a Wist list down the side of your blog, like I added in the lead up to my birthday season (May 24th in case some random stranger feels like sending me something!)

More info here: http://www.wists.com/

My husband would fall in love this blog post. hehe

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