May Giving


I've delinquent in my monthly giving post, sorry! I kept meaning to put it up and forgetting. And I know you were waiting with baited breath, too...

For May, in honor of the real Labor Day, May 1, I'm highlighting a great organization called Sweatshop Watch. Sweatshop Watch grew up around California's garment industry and has since gone international. They're a great group who agitate for workers rights and work towards awareness of lousy labor practices. They also provide a fantastic resource in their Shop with a Conscience Shopping Guide. If you have extra pennies lying around this month, they definitely are worth supporting.

The banner under their logo there on the right of the page is for my union, the Texas State Employees Union (CWA Local 6186 AFL-CIO). They're currently fighting the good fight in the state legislature, trying to get a reasonable raise, some health care reform, and some other things for all of us state workers. Anybody who knows anything about this state knows that is a hard battle to fight, so I wanted to give them a shout-out (and a little bit of cash) this month as well.

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