Update on the Blue Hanger stores (bins)


Having been to both Goodwill Blue Hanger locations in Austin several times now, I think I am qualified to tell you this:

The North store is far, far superior than the East store. It has AC, indoor bathrooms (that are not bad at all), it's not as crowded, the staff is nicer, and the selection and prices are just about the same. Also, they don't run out of carts and there are always parking spaces. Can't recommend it highly enough.

But don't go there and get all the good shit before me!


Hi, I live around the Austin area and am verrry familiar with the Bluehanger. I was the first customer in the door when they opened up North. Has it been almost 2 years? I remember they opened in Aug., but seems like it has been there longer than 1 yr. I know I started an email campaign about 4 yrs. ago and it took them a long time to open.

I wonder if we have been there at the same time?

I am on a temporary thrift store sabbatical due to car problems. SAD!!!!

Watch out for racial pricing!!!!

I have been to the Blue Hanger on McNeil three for four times. Shopping is hit or miss, as can be expected. What really gets me is the pricing. Yes the prices are posted but Hispanic customers get charged between .25 cents and .75 cents, where Gringos (White people) get charged full price or more. Today the cashier was very nasty when I commented about this. I got the name and number of the assistant manager and called him from the parking lot. He said they have had complaints about this before and offered to refund the amount of my purchases. I don't feel that this matter should be kept "in house". They need to lay down the law with the employees, one price for everyone. I don't mind paying the posted prices as long as the shoppers in front of me aren't getting a 75% discount based on race.

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The problem is when prices are at the cashier's discretion, I get charged the highest price. Stuffed animals are priced small medium and large. Some of them are the size of a small child. I would think that is a large. One I had that was less than 12 inches in height, but the cashier charged the large size. I have also been charged more than the posted price, and when asked, the cashier's comment was, "That's what the price is."

Either they should have no posted prices and let it be completely up to the cashier and all be a guessing game or FOLLOW THE RULES.

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I just went to the north location today as they were taking up the clothes for good. I am horribly depressed. I heard that they will now be moved to the east location, but it is not as clean. (I have also been told by several people who frequent that location that as a young white woman I should not go there alone) Who did you email in your first campeign? Any ideas who I should complain to?


Comments on Racial Pricing. I shop at the North store and I must say it is most frustrating to stand there and check out and get charged more than the posted prices and you have watch at least 2 shoppers before you get charged much less than the posted price. And speaking of nasty rude checkers they have gone to so many hispanic checkers and unfortunatley I get the rudest in the store. When they will charge me $1.50 for a hardback book and my sister has checked out after me and been charged $1.00 now something is wrong somewhere. I live on less than $1000.00 a month social securtiy and need to shop at thrift stores. Goodwill has lost sight of what it was intended to do. Employee the handicap and give a bargin to those in need. I don't see a lot of need in the Hispanics who have basket after basket filled with merchandise taller than I am lined up against the wall. And heaven help if you are in the way when they make a run for the new merchandise that has been pushed out. So maybe it is racial pricing.

Why would the north hanger move clothes to the worsth side of town ? no one is safe going there we need to file a complaint with corporate goodwill

Thanks for answering my question about clothing. I've never been to the East location, but I heard it was mostly good for books. It appears they've basically switched the two. Now I have a reason to go East! I came home with a load of great books today. on pricing. . .I find it helps to get a more seasoned cashier. They just want to see the stuff gone! It also helps to be friendly. They are very nice people, so it's not hard. I am fine with the system they have. There are too many things to categorize it all. Categorizing nothing would be even worse.

The cashiers do ABSOLUTELY price items based on race! I have shopped there for years and witnessed this almost every time I shop. Whites are charged more. I will watch the cashiers with the "regulars", they will put a bag of toys on the table and get charged 1.00. Then the person behind will place one toy and get priced .50. Why? You choose, just go and see, and see how barbaric some of the people are shopping. Hitting, pushing, abandoning their children, grabbing, stealing. You know when I go I have to prep myself that I will not let it bother me and keep positive. Hey Goodwill, how about thinking about treating everyone the same and enforcing some shopping manners.

wow. I go EVERY day for the past two months and I am white and have never had a problem. In fact, one of the cashiers is white and the black man who works there is super nice and cute! :)

Wow, It is 2009 right? I never thought a forum about the thrift store offering the cheapest selection I've found in Austin would be riddled with so many obviously racist white people whining about getting charged a dollar for something that would normally cost much more. And I don't see how what others are charged impacts you in the least. Oh it's not fair, sure, but so many things in life as we all know are not fair. I'm just advocating you pick a more relevant cause. I mean a cashier using his/her discretion within a price range isn't like a judge or jury using their discretion...lives don't hang in the balance. You are quoted a price and you decide whether or not you are willing to pay it.
I love the blue hanger and am thankful for its affordability!

tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

I just went to the blue hanger east and loved it. For the record, I am a white lady who went alone and had a wonderful time. Everyone was very respectful.

If you are a small size, you can find tons of women's clothes. It was great for me.

I am so very happy that the pricing policy has changed at the north BH to $1.49/pd. I no longer can afford to spend my money there, so have saved about $200-$300 a month. My saving account thanks you for this change.

I've gone to the east Goodwill and I have no idea why people are complaining. There has never been a safety issue any of the times I have been there.

I have furthermore never been pushed, shoved, grabbed, nor seen babies abandoned for the mad rush of clothing.

Charging 2 different prices for the same item is discrimination and should be stopped immediately.

I for one am really glad that the Blue Hanger is here and that you won't be competing for my clothes since you seem to think it's too dangerous to go.

Watch your personal belongings! I got pick- pocketed at the McNeil location. The management did nothing. They did not call the police- I guess they thought it would scare off the customers. I've witnessed 2 other robberies in the store and they did nothing. Leave your purse at home! And people don't watch there kids, they do push, shove, grab and I was also called a whore(in Spanish) because I wouldn't get out of there way.

I go to the Mcneil store all the time and never had a problem. I feel I get charged fairly. I am never bothered by anyone. I go do my own thing and leave. I just stay out of the isles that the ppl are mad rushing for.Its not liek I am really going to miss anything. I didnt know that there was a east location. Ill be sure to visit there as I am not scared to go.

No matter where you go, to get a good deal or to find what you are looking for there will always be rudeness, people clamoring to get there first. Stop complaining and just appreciate who you are --that you are more calm. If it is meant for you to have something, or to find it first, so it will be!!! I have only gone to the BH in east Austin, becasue that is the only one I knew about (I don't get out much) but it is as safe as anywhere!!!!

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