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I had a conversation (a couple of them, actually) at BlogHer about my comfort with blogging about my finances, and why I think it's important. In the course of this topic, it was pointed out to me that although I blog about my savings/debt, I have never given my income on the blog. I thought this had to be mistaken--after all, why wouldn't I have? But I just went and looked around, and apparently I haven't.

So, without further ado:

I currently make $49,920/year. I started in my current position at $48,000 and got a 3% raise about six months ago. As of September 1, I get an 8% raise, which will put me at $53,914/year. I have been at my job for 15 months. Salary.com puts the base salary range for my job title in my zip code at $49,039 at the 25th percentile and $71,312 at the 75th, so I'd say that with my current level of experience, I'm doing just about right.


I'm trying to remember if I've ever had a job title that I could plug into something like that!

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