Picture with the Red Stapler!


I so feel that I've arrived. And hope that my hair doesn't usually look quite that bad.

Red Stapler Picture

Thanks, SueBob!


I see that this person has a lot of red stapler-holding folks in her flickr acct, but I have no idea what any of this means.

I'm not 100% sure myself--I think it's just a thing she does, going around at BlogHer and getting pics of as many folks as possible with her red stapler. Since my incredible shyness kept me from meeting many people at BlogHer, this is likely the only picture of me taken there. So I wanted to post it.

You are welcome.

It started last year when I didn't know anyone in person, and since my blog was Red Stapler, I took the stapler and, to meet people, asked them to pose with it. This year people were DEMANDING to be photographed with it. It is like a magic totem object. Just something fun and silly.

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