A tail of two kitties, or, last night at my house


Once upon a time, there were two kitties. One was a big tabby named Atticus, the other a more petite tortie named Esme. It seemed that in their interactions, Atticus would have the advantage, as he outweighed Esme by a good six pounds.

However, Esme had many tricks up her sleeve, including seeming to be uninterested in Atticus' exposed belly.

atty and esme

Being a cat, however, Esme was unable to feign disinterest for long. Soon she was licking her kitty lips in anticipation of her attack.

atty and esme

At the sight of Esme's renewed interest, Atticus went on the defensive.

atty and esme

But alas, his defensive posture was too late, as Esme went in for the kill!

atty and esme


Go, Esme!

(Have you two pulled out the seagrass carpet or is it just strange lighting?)

We pulled out all of the nasty sea grass. We're going to put down laminate, but it's currently backordered, so we're on bare concrete with lots of old dried glue on it. It's lovely, let me tell you. It's actually kind of nice, though, because there is no longer any reason to worry about what the animals are doing to the floor.

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