New hair


I finally got it together and got my hair cut today, and I am big with the post-haircut happiness. It has been thinned by about half, as well as de-mulleted, and I feel so much better! I'm even beginning to have some love for my natural hair color. Which isn't to say I'll never dye again, but it's good to be au natural for a bit.

grace new hair front

grace new hair back


It looks great! I got my hair cut today, too...not that short. I wish I could wear mine short but it just doesn't suit my face shape.

I think I'll sleep sitting up because I just hate to ruin that "someone knew what they were doing" style. : )

I know! Mine doesn't look nearly as good this morning as it did yesterday. I think it has something to do with the stylist being able to do that round brush+blowdryer magic that just doesn't translate to my home environment. Still, it's much better than it was.

Do you have pics of yours?

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