10 Things Meg Fowler Wants to Know

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I seem to have a big ole blog crush on Meg Fowler, and she posted this list of questions today, so I'm a gonna answer 'em.

1. Why do you live where you live?
We moved here for graduate school. It was one of a few place where both Mark and I got in, not either of our first choice, but seemed like a livable city and was offering us both full funding, so we came here.

2. Why do you do the job you do?
Well, I got into it with the idea that working with grants would make me very employable wherever we next land, which I think is pretty sound reasoning. It's also a good, steady job in a nice environment that pays me well.

3. Why are you with the person you’re with?
Wow, who can answer that in anything resembling a complete way? Because I love him. Because we have a lot of the same goals in life. Because we are able to live together comfortably and take care of each other. Because my life is better with him in it.

4. If you could change one thing about your life today, what would it be?
I'd move back to Oregon.

5. What is the greatest source of happiness in your life?
Depends on the day. My dogs, a lot of the time. Fiction, either in movies or in books, sometimes. Accomplishment, sometimes. Being with the people I love.

6. What is the greatest source of discontent in your life?
My health, I think. There is nothing serious wrong with me, but the million little things, especially the allergies, can get grating.

7. If you were handed $10,000 today, what would you do with it?
I'd pay off my credit card debt and build myself a savings cushion. And probably buy a few treats.

8. What is your favourite quality in a friend?
Comfort. I am happiest when spending time with the friends with whom I am totally comfortable. Mostly, that comes from history and shared perspective, I think.

9. What is an unforgivable mistake in a friendship?
Hmmm...I can't think of anything off the top of my head that would be unforgivable in every circumstance. Being mean to my dogs, maybe.

10. What is a true relationship dealbreaker for you?
Disrespect, basically. Unwillingness to change.

How about you? Wanna consider this a meme and be tagged? I'd love to see other people's responses--these aren't easy questions.


I want to answer! I love memes.

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