Friday Love List

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Meg Fowler suggests smoothing the transition from week to weekend by posting a blog list on Friday of things you love. This seems like excellent sense to me, and I share some of the loves Meg posted today, so here's mine:

Things I Love

Scrabulous. Oh god, yes. I'll even play against the too-smart-for-its-own-good robot.
The Farmer's Wife. Watched the first segment last night and can't wait to watch the rest. It's SO good.
Healthy plants. All of my at-home plants are droopy, but the ones in my office are gorgeous. It makes being at work a lot easier.
College football season. Started last week, and I will be sitting down to a healthy dose of it this weekend.
My trip home in one week!
Nutella. A gift from a higher power, especially since the quality of apples is improving.

What do you love?


I love this idea!

I'm going to steal it as well this Friday :)

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