Online lists? What could be better?


Yesterday, as I was whining about not having any place online to store a running list of books I want to read, I decided to try and find something. Everything exists online, so why not a list tool? Well, I didn't have to look very hard before I found Ta-da Lists, which is exactly what I'd been looking for. It's free, simple to use, and allows me to make multiple lists, which can be either public or private. Perfect!

My Books to Read list is here (also down on the sidebar). Check it out and tell me what needs to be added?


Ooh, have you checked out I'm addicted to it, you can make lists of books you've read and rate them, put them in categories, and make a "to read" shelf. As well as see what other people are reading and review books.


There's also a Facebook ap that helps you keep track of books. I put stuff on my amazn wish list. Also, Shelfari and


Oh also, librarything

Oh my, so many choices...why didn't I know about these before? I LOVE LISTS!

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