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Over at Frogblog, Frog told her readers that we could each ask her three questions, which she would then answer and ask us three in return, to be answered on our own blogs. I participated with glee, and these are the questions Frog had for me (no, that did not rythmn intentionally, but it's silly, so I'll leave it):

If you had to recommend one book, one recording, and one food item to me, what would they be?
Book: Breaking Clean by Judy Blunt
Recording: Comfort of Strangers by Beth Orton
Food: Nice crisp tart apple slices with Nutella

What are your kid plans at this point?
At this point, my kid plans are basically "wait and see." I've come to the point where I'm OK with thinking that I may or may not decide I want to/it is time to have kids at any given point in the future. Though I'm still feeling some baby lust, I really don't want to have any kids right now. And I'm still not sure I want to have biological children at all--I have a lot of concerns about passing on some of my genetics. So basically it's something I've put off thinking about too much for the time being.

What's the most challenging part of blogging your finances?
The only thing that is really challenging about it at all is that I have this back-of-my-mind fear that my mom will find out about my credit card debt and be disappointed in/disgusted with me. I really don't mind doing it in the least, and I am seeing progress (though slower than I'd like).

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