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I so enjoyed the three questions meme at Frogblog, I thought I'd try it here. Basically, you ask me three questions in the comments--anything you want to know, and I will answer honestly. After I answer your questions, I'll ask you three questions and you will post the answers to them on your blog.

Got it? Good. Go.


What is your number one favorite blog to read and/or what blog do you check most often?

What are you? (I.e. how do you primarily identify? What pops into your head as the first answer to that question?)

What one thing are you most proud of?

These all came up while reading your last few posts all at once....

1. In general (or personally), what do you think the connection is between body image and tattoos is? I mean, I feel like part of not getting tattoos personally is not wanting them to get messed up when my body changes, so the confluence of body image/tattoo posts made me think of this....

2. You mentioned potentially leaving Austin, and something that has always personally been an issue for me re: moving is "moving for someone." Even in the best of relationships, I have now broken it off because I cannot move for an SO. It is totally a repulsive idea to me even if I could potentially be reasonably employed/have my own life. Even though this is not your situation necessarily, my question is, how can any woman rectify moving with a partner somewhere (because of their partner's job/their life) and yet also not feel like a big ass old tymey follower? I ask you particularly because you identify way more (or say, at all) with feminism and I do not, and yet pretty much every self-described feminist I know (broad, but true generalization) is totally okay with this moving for people thing when I have this ridiculously adverse reaction to it.

3. How can some animals lives be totally important and worth fighting for (i.e. dogs) and yet others (i.e. rats, chickens, insects, cows) not? What is the difference between them? And if the difference is say, some species cause harm, then why isn't it justified to kill all animals that harm people including, say, dogs that bite kids.

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