In which we are aquired by another cat


Situation: A very thin, not great looking cat shows up in neighbor's yard. Neighbors are great folks who happen to have a dog that is not and will never be cat friendly. Neighbors are at a loss as to what to do with cat after they have gone around the neighborhood and made sure it doesn't belong to anybody they can find.

Solution: New cat at my house, naturally.

We are as yet unsure as to the cat's age, gender, or health status, besides damn skinny and pretty clearly Siamese mix. S/he will see our vet tomorrow and we'll know more then. We will, of course, try to find his/her home, but needles, haystacks, etc. If we end up with cat number three...well, worse things could happen, right?

Poor skinny baby:
new cat 1


Sweet kitty, though she reminds me of a kitty-Ata, weight-wise. How are Atticus and Esme taking the new arrival?


Thanks! I can't believe how much her coloring reminds me of your Mason, though she's about 1/3 of his size.

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