On Friday evening, Eugene went to his new home. All signs are good there and I think it will be a great situation for his new family (which includes a not-quite-five year-old boy) and for him.

On Saturday, we inherited our new foster dog, Tucker, from another foster home who needed to get him out in order to make room for a new high needs dog. Tucker already has an adopter lined up, so we will only have him for 1-2 weeks (until we can make transportation arrangements, as his new adopter is out of town).

Tucker is a 14-month old bloodhound. He is very much on the skinny side (and eating 8 cups of high energy puppy food a day!) and weighs about 100 lbs. He's a big, big boy. He's also a drooler, and has an amazing bark/bay. He's a big sweet love. He's not at all what we expected to have next, so we've had to make some adjustments, but I think he's going to be just fine. Doesn't he look like one of ours already?

Tucker on the couch


Poor skinny baby. :( Glad to see him settling in so quickly.

That face!!

Holy eff, what an enormous puppy!

How are you all doing with Eugene's adoption, btw?

We're doing fine. Mark is 100% fine, and I am getting there. I got an email from his adopters this morning that said he's fitting in well and already sleeping next to their little boy, so it sounds like a good situation. I do miss him, though.

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