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ann bancroft(The photo is of Ann Bancroft. It is a black and white, she is smiling and has short hair and sensible looking clothes.)

First, a note. Ann Bancroft is also the name of the classic actress who played Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. This is about the other Ann Bancroft.

Ann Bancroft was born in 1955 in Minnesota. She grew up in Minnesota, mostly outdoors, except for two years (fifth and sixth grades) spent in Kenya with her family.

Ann attended the University of Oregon, where she got a BA in physical education. After graduating, she taught special education and PE in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and coached high school sports.

In 1986, Ann was a member of the Steger International Polar Exploration team, becoming the first woman in known history ever to go across the ice to the North Pole on a dogsled. She continued her explorations in 1992, when she led the first women's east to west crossing of Greenland, and again in 1993, when she led a women's expedition across the South Pole. In 2001, Ann took her last major expedition, going with Norwegian explorer Liv Arnesen to become the first women to sail and ski across Antarctica.

In 1987, Ann was named Ms. magazine's Woman of the Year. In 1995, she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame. She is the founded of the Ann Bancroft Foundation, a pro-female non-profit that provides support for girls and women trying to achieve their dreams. She and Liv Arnesen also founded Bancroft Arnesen Explore, a cooperative effort to inspire young women by speaking about their Antarctic adventure.

In 2007, Ann and Liv attempted an Arctic trek, but they were forced to cancel it seven days in due to safety concerns. Ann currently lives in Minnesota, where she is a spokesperson for the Learning Disabilities Association, Wilderness Inquiry and Girl Scouts of the US. She is also a judge for entrance into the National Women's Hall of Fame and for the Nuclear-Free Awards.

Ann Bancroft Foundation
Bancroft Arnesen Explore
National Women's Hall of Fame


Okay, I'm being totally picky but it is one of my silly pet peeves: it is the Girl Scouts of the USA. (Yes, it is the Boy Scouts of the US.)

I feel better now. :)

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