Damn thee, catalogs!

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Yesterday, Squid over at The Adventures of Leelo and His Potty-Mouthed Mom provided her readers with some tre excellent info. You know all of those catalogs that have been flooding your mailbox for months and have gotten even worse since Halloween (aka "the holiday season")? You can go to Catalog Choice and use their one-stop shop to get taken off those mailing lists. Just set aside those junk-a-logs for a while, then take a few minutes to go through your pile with the website. Viola, no more catalogs! Or at least, no more catalogs in 10 weeks or so.

Why do they still send them, anyway? The days of Sears & Roebuck are over, kids--it's all about the Internet shopping now.


I loooove catalogues. The only one I get is Sears though, and only if I order from it once a year to keep my name on the list.

I like to browse the catalogue, then place my order online

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