HRC and tipping


I was going to just let this go, but honestly, I couldn't resist.

So I worked as a waitress for several years while I was in high school. Not for a long time, but for long enough to develop the second sense that waitstaff get on who will tip well and who will tip shabbily or not at all.

And I gotta tell you, if I saw Hillary Rodham Clinton walk in (if I didn't know who she was, just someone who looked/talked/acted like her), I'd not be expecting a tip. Her entire countenance screams "I'm too self-absorbed to tip!"

This never would have occurred to me, of course, had it not been for the NPR story about HRC stiffing the waistaff at a restaurant in Iowa. Though the story was later corrected, just the fact that it was brought up, and that it recalled the time during her 2000 senatorial campaign that HRC was accused of and admitted to stiffing a New York waitress, is enough. Because whether she actually did it this time or not, these stories sound very likely to me. Because I already had HRC pegged in my mind as a non-tipper.

This is probably not a fair means to decide who I'd like to vote for. If I was in any way considering voting for her anyway, this story probably wouldn't change my mind about HRC. But I didn't like her anyway, and this is precisely the type of thing that led me to that conclusion.

Obama? I bet he tips well.


seriously? i mean, i'm sure she *is* self-absorbed but since she's probably the most important woman in the country i think i can forgive that. but she's not alone in politics as a non-tipper. no one in politics pays their own tab, that's why they hire underpaid glorified secretaries. if a server doesn't get tipped, it's *not* the politician's fault. chances are they left 20 minutes before the bill even came. if it's anyone's responsibility, it's the person who paid the bill, not the person they worked for.

yeah i am guessing at campaign stops Hillary isn't the person going up to the counter to pay the check.

On the other hand, living in NYC has made me a bad tipper. Because service here is SO BAD. I have stiffed people about once every couple of months here. Otherwise I am pretty much 20% if someone is normal or good.

I don't much care if she's personally paying the bill or not, if she doesn't make it a priority to make sure that her staff tips on her behalf, that's just as bad. And if she's going to use the story her waitress told her about her life to stump with, she damn well better make sure she tipped!

George W Bush, on the other hand, looks like a very generous tipper.

No...but he does strike me as someone you could likely con a big tip out of...

There is a stereotype that women, especially professional women, don't tip well, which I did not find to be true.

I think if there's a difference in tipping between Obama and HRC, I would say it's more because she doesn't really give a shit what anybody thinks about her (although she has to pretend to to get elected), whereas he strikes me as someone who is almost paralyzed by the need to be liked. A lot of people tip, not because they care about the income of the waitstaff, but because they don't want to look like assholes.

I waited on Ralph Nader when he was running for president in 2000. He paid in cash (!), and tipped me 30%.

As a waitress, I would have to agree with your assessment of HRC. However, when you wrote HRC I was thinking Human Rights Commission and I kept thinking, "but the HRC would totally tip."

GW would tip well, but only because he can't add so he would miscalculate the total.

Well, the thing I like most about GW's "countenance" is that he strikes me as honest.

Good Lord Simon. I do hope you're kidding.

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