Last night, I made myself a really good, quick, and healthy dinner. Which is so completely unlike me as to be almost miraculous. If you don't want the recipe, you should. And I'm going to give it to you either way. So there.

I think I'm in need of beta carotene or something, because I have been wanting orange food. So I decided to make pumpkin and sweet potato soup. And I was too lazy to look up an actual recipe, so I improvised.

First, dice up a small onion or half a big one and a couple of cloves of garlic. Get them pretty small. Then cook them in some olive oil with salt until translucent. Add two cans each of pumpkin puree and sweet potato puree (you could, of course, use the actual vegetables, but quick was the name of the game last night, so I used canned) and a quart of chicken stock. Use natural/organic if you want it to not suck, and use veg stock if you are of the non face-eating persuasion. Then add a good dose of heavy cream (1/4 cup, maybe?) and whatever spices suit you. I used curry powder, a bit of cinnamon, and cumin, along with plenty of black pepper. You could add red pepper if you like your food spicy. Simmer it all up. Try not to splash it all over yourself like I did while you are pouring it into your bowl. Eat it with some bread and a nice brown ale.

This is enough to feed you six or eight times, but I only cook in bulk. Use a big pan and eat the leftovers for lunch or something.


Mmm, that sounds really good. I love all things pumpkin. I'm also a big fan of carrot and coriander soup, which is pretty similar to your recipe except that it takes chopped carrots and leeks (or onions) in place of the squash, a little more simmering time, and a trip to the blender. And coriander, of course.

For shock value:
brussel sprouts and bacon-

set water to boil
slice up a white onion and some garlic
put a spoonful of bacon fat in a frying pan and set it on "high"
throw some brussel sprouts in the water for 2 minutes
throw the onion into the frying pan
throw the sprouts in a collander and run cold tap water on them
start slicing the sprouts in half
shove the onions to the side and put the sprouts in, flat side down
grind a bunch of pepper onto the sprouts
cut some pepper bacon in half
let the sprouts brown/blacken on the flat side, then shove them to the side
throw in the bacon
shovel the sprouts on top of the bacon
cook that shit
then eat it

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