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low-top Converse All-Stars

This is a pair of black low-top Chuck Taylors (or Converse All-Stars). It isn't that these particular shoes, which I think I bought off Zappos a couple of years ago, are significant to me, but rather than this style and color of shoe is significant. I've had a pair of shoes just like these, or a high-top version of same, constantly for probably 16 years. My first pair of Converse was like a religious awakening, fashion, rebellion, and nostalgia all wrapped up in a low priced, made in the USA (then, not now) shoe. And I have been a convert to the Church of Chuck ever since. My uniform, at many ages, was built around Chucks (jeans, black tshirt, Chucks; baggy cargos, cami, Chucks, etc.) They used to make me feel hip, then ironic, and now, just...young.

I honestly don't wear my Converse all that often anymor , but I will always have a pair on hand.


In high school (I graduated in '81, which is important for context), my daily uniform consisted of an Izod shirt, jeans and Chucks. I had alligator shirts in every color and Chucks to coordinate with same. Purple. Orange. Red. Black. White. Baby blue. You name it.

I saved my white high tops for playing basketball.

I miss the ease of having no fashion sense. ;-)

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