October financial update


Last month:
Total credit card debt: $6,495.21
Total student loan debt: $32,990.42
Total savings:$650.00
Checking account balance: $361.62
Total: -$38,474.01

This month:
Total credit card debt: $6,710.72
Total student loan debt: $$32,831.73
Total savings: $358.78
Checking account balance: $522.97
Total: -$38,660.70

So basically, I suck. But I'm turning over a new leaf--I swear. I'm not paying much on the CC this month, because of Christmas travel and how expensive that's all going to be, but I'm not spending, either.

One step forward, two steps back...


It's really hard, isn't it? Luckily we have no credit card or student loan debt but we do keep going into our overdraft every month so I suppose we are technically about 1.5k in debt. Not too bad, really. I always get all gung ho with budgets and determined to get us out of it but we have a good month and then two bad, like you said. Aggh!

I might sound like some kind of crazy silver lining freak, but maybe if you included how much more of the mortgage you paid, these figures might feel less like a club to the head?

Maybe I invented that you're paying a mortgage. Hopefully not, or this comment is going to be even less helpful than I imagine it already is.

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