Rules of NaBloPoMo


Over at the Red Stapler, Suebob has some rules for NaBloPoMo. I like them, so I'm going to use them to guide my NaBloPoMo efforts as well:

1st RULE: You do not talk about NaBloPoMo.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about NaBloPoMo. I'm serious. After Nov. 1st, quit writing about it and just do it.
3rd RULE: No whining. If you whine, I will delete you from my Bloglines and Blogroll and crush your bones in my teeth. This isn't brain surgery. It is a blog post a day for a month, fer goodnesssake.
4th RULE: It doesn't have to be brilliant. Write a stupid post already. Literally a stupid post. It wouldn't be the first time somebody ever wrote a crap blog post. If you need reassurance, just read my archives. Do not be afraid. There are no NaBloPoMo referees.
5th RULE: Only one post a day, that's all you need. See Rule #3.
6th RULE: No recycling old posts. No one likes a cheater.
7th RULE: If you miss a day, bow out gracefully. Or keep going and don't mention it.
8th RULE: This was your idea. So just do it already. It's spozed to be FUN! GO!

Well, I'm going to mostly use them. I'm ignoring #5, due to my aforementioned need for verbosity and continuing my history making women series while still producing daily content. And I'm adding a rule of my own:

9th RULE: This is about community, not just you. So don't just write every day, post a comment or two somewhere else every day as well.

Thanks, Suebob!

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