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As I've mentioned, I'm a big, big fan of The Windowshoppist. More than once I have found stuff I really like there, and I've gotten present ideas there as well. So it was the first place I turned when forming my own Christmas list (I know, I know, but my mom asked for one, OK?). I was thinking, though, while making up the list, that I should share it with you, since you all might get ideas from it the same way I do from the great Shoppista. And so, here it is. My apologies to those who already read The Windowshoppist, as some of my Christmas wants definitely came from there!

Libby Dibby skirts (The image is of two skirts, one from the front and one from the back. Both are red and white cotton wrap-arounds.)

1. Libby Dibby Skirt. Why yes, I do already have one of these. I want another one. Badly. Right now, I'm partial to the "Hollywood" and "Original" patterns. Would someone on your Christmas list like one too? They're $69.95 plus S&H, which may sound like a lot, but when you consider how well made they are, and that they're reversible, it's a fair price.

broken plate pendant (The photo is of a smallish pendant made from a piece of broken plate. The plate is white with a light blue and brown floral design.)

2. Broken Plate Pendant. These are so damn cool, if I hadn't sworn off buying myself jewelry I would have bought on a long time ago. The crafts person makes pendants out of broken vintage dishes! I find it impossible to pick out my favorite, but am partially to the ones in browns and blues, generally. Most of these are around $30, too, so they're affordable for the funky-jewelryphile on your list.

sea glass necklaces(The photo shows three necklaces, all silver chains with three small sea glass circles suspended from each one. The sea glass pieces are a mix of greens, blues, gray, and white.)

3. Twigs & Heather sea glass pendant. Again with the gorgeous jewelry, this time made from sea glass. My preference is for the long skinny cobblestone necklaces, but really these are all beautiful. Prices start at $40 for a single piece of glass.

patchwork messenger bag(The photo is of a patchwork messenger bag with a monkey decal in the middle of it. It is very multi-colored, like a crazy quilt, and some of the patches are monkey-themed fabric).

4. Textile Fetish patchwork messenger bag. I'm kind of over messenger bags, to tell the truth, but I can't resist these patchwork ones. How cute and funky are they? I particularly love the one shown, with the sock monkey theme. These are reputably well-made and run about $50 each.

reading is sexy t-shirt(The photo shows a light yellow t-shirt with green cap sleeves. On the front of the shirt is a drawing of a girl looking over her glasses and the words "Reading is Sexy.")

5. Reading is Sexy t-shirt. I've wanted a "Reading is Sexy" t-shirt for ages, but I particularly like this yellow and green cap-sleeved version. I also like that it comes in an XL that would likely actually fit me. It's $14.95.

paper sculpture(The photo is of a multi-layered three-dimensional paper sculpture of an old van with trees and plants around it. It is mostly gray, black, and brown.)

6. San Fran paper sculpture. SanFran's paper sculptures are pretty much my favorite thing on this list. I hope someone bought me one before the ones that were up before were gone, as there is only one left now! The website says more are coming soon, though. They are $55 and I think they're absolutely wonderful art for that price. You can see more examples of work by the artist, Helen Musselwhite, here.

counter compost bin(The photo is of a stainless steel counter composter. It is cylindrical and has a lid with holes in it and a charcoal filtering system.)

7. Counter compost bin. We started composting about a year ago, and while the big Tupperware container we're using to collect scraps inside is perfectly functional, it's not very attractive. I'd prefer a nice stainless steel counter composter like this one, made by RSVP International. I'm not, mind you, suggesting anybody buy it from Amazon, but the price for it there is $37.98.

kitchenaid red tea kettle(The photo is of a bright red Kitchenaid tea kettle.)

8. Kitchenaid tea kettle, red. I have a weak spot that could only be characterized as pathetic for bright red KitchenAid appliances. I have the standing mixer and food processor, as well as some smaller things (spatulas, measuring cups, etc.) and I only want to collect more. However, we also do honestly need a bigger and less worn tea kettle. So, meeting our needs for both function and aesthetics, the red KitchenAid kettle. It's $39.99 at Amazon, but I'm sure could be found for a similar price elsewhere.

kitchenaid coffee grinder(Photo is of a bright red coffee grinder.)

9. Red Kitchenaid coffee grinder. See everything I said above, only replace "tea kettle" with "coffee grinder." $29.99 at Amazon.

kitchenaid coffee maker(Photo shows a bright red coffee maker.)

10. Red Kitchenaid coffee maker. Once again, see above, replacing "coffee grinder" with "coffee maker." And please note that we currently only have a four-cup coffee pot, and y'all, we drink more coffee than that. This model is spendy. It's out of stock on Amazon, but costs $99.98 at I have no idea how much it would be locally.

And thus ends the KitchenAid portion of our list.

11. Small, durable digital camera. I have no specifics here, just a desperate desire for a camera that suck less than the one we have. The one we have is difficult to use and takes bad pictures. I'd like the opposite.

ling glass pendant(The picture shows a rectangular pendant made of red stained glass, with a simple silver outline and design on it.)

12. LingGlass necklace. Again with the fabulous jewelry! These necklaces are made from stained glass and sautered metal, and I think they are amazing. Once again, it's hard to choose just one. I definitely like the simpler, one-color pendants the best, and like the long rectangular ones (like the one shown) and circles ones better than the squares. From there, though...I dunno. These run anywhere from $15-$30, depending on which one you choose, and they don't come with chains, so buy those separately.

13. Small gold hoop earrings. Again, no particulars, I just want something small, gold, and self-fastening.

recycling bags(The photo shows four large square bags, one each in orange, silver, blue, and green, with logos on the front of them indicating if they for paper, glass, etc.)

14. Design within Reach recycling bags. This set of four heavy-duty tarp bags, pre-coded to separate recycling, makes me all kinds of happy. First, they are organizational tools, which I love on principle. Secondly, they are brightly colored, which I also love. Third, they look like they'd hold up and be easily storable when not full, which is great. As a bonus, they'd be a lot easier to clean out than the current plastic buckets we use to collect recyclables. They're also affordable--$22 for the set with free shipping.

15. Lavender & Honey body products. As is known far and wide, I'm a junkie for bath and products. Not makeup or that crap, but things to make my skin feel nice. Currently, I am really digging lavender and honey scents, and one line I'd like to try is Deep Steep.

So there you have it, some stuff I want for Christmas. What do you want? Anything I should know about for the people left on my list? Bring it on!


Ohhh! I pine for all these things too! Particularly the bag, the skirt, and the t-shirt. But I already got what I want for Christmas - two concert organizations sponsoring trips home next year, so hooray....

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