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Seems like as good a time as any to show you that I haven't just been writing this month, I've been reading as well. Here are a few of my favorite NaBloPo posts:

Chookooloonks is forever one of my favorite blogs, both for Karen's amazing pictures and her brief and thought-inducing writing. On November 20, she did a particularly good job with both the picture and the provoking of thoughts. I've been thinking about it since.

Dooce has added a new section to her blog, focusing on style in every day objects. I love it. My favorite entry so far is the magnets she featured on November 20 (apparently that was just a good blogging day).

My friend The Princess has been posting lists all month at Flooded Lizard Kingdom. My favorite is a toss-up between her November 24 "10 Things You Can and Should Buy At Thrift Stores Instead of Regular Stores This Holiday Season" and her November 22 "Three Reasons Each That I Am Thankful for Five People In My Life."

On November 26, Eden at Fussy, the mastermind behind NaBloPoMo, wrote a great post about her need for books in her life and living space. Totally something I could have written myself.

Lilysea at Peter's Cross Station can do no wrong in my mind. Still, sometimes she outdoes herself, as in her November 26 post about toxic toys and how just maybe this time it will be enough to change shopping habits to the good.

The Redneck Mommy from Attack of the Redneck Mommy isn't actually participating in NaBloPoMo, but she wrote one of the most moving blog posts I've ever read this month, and I would be remiss not to mention it here.

Finally, I have to shout out to Red Stapler's Suebob, who took an amazing photo in the airport and posted it on November 13. We so have the same sense of humor.


Thanks so much, Grace!

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