Sunday morning

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Sunday mornings at my house are really nice. Mark and I are currently sprawled on the couch, drinking very good coffee, watching Manchester United beat the pants off Blackburn (boo!). I just made myself some scrambled eggs with extra sharp cheddar and Mark had his usual cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter (yuck).

Of course, the repose is short lived today. I've spent all weekend hard at work on my master's thesis (or professional report, as LBJ insists on calling it), as the full first draft is due on Monday. I only have about 2/3 of the last chapter left, so I'm making good time, but I'm still going to be working on it most of the day today. The part I have left is in some ways the heart of the thing, and I am just not quite smart enough to get started on it yet. Maybe after another cup of coffee.

Have I mentioned our current foster dog? I wish I could post a picture, but our camera cord is kaput and I haven't had time to go for a new one yet (maybe Mark will do that today). He's great, though. He looks, I swear, like a beagle crossed with a corgi--he's got a beagle face, but an exceptionally round and long body and exceptionally short legs. His name is Yogi, as he looks like a little bear. Or, like Mark says, like he's part beagle and part badger. He's got a lovely personality and is only terrorizing the cats a little bit. More than they'd like, I'm sure, but a lot less than his two predecessors. Anyway, he's a joy. Which is great, since I so don't have the extra mental and emotional energy to coddle a problem foster dog right now.

My mood is going to be so much better once this draft is finished. So, I guess, I'd better go make some more coffee and then work on it.


Ugh, I do feel your thesis pain. Best of luck to you. Deadline's here--how'd it go?

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