What I learned from Clinton and Stacy


It may or may not be a surprise to readers of WINOW to learn that I am a fan of TLC's What Not to Wear. I have a love-hate relationship with the show--while on one hand I think they give quite a bit of good advice and I like that they are focused on looking the best you can without changing your body, on the other hand it's pretty clear that they are narrow-minded, shallow, and have no concept of trying to dress oneself on an actual budget. Still, I can't help but watch it, and I'll confess that I really have taken some of the advice they give on the show and worked it in to my own wardrobe.

Some examples:

Trouser jeans. I never would have considered trouser jeans before Clinton and Stacy, and honestly, they're a godsend. I feel way more professional at work in them than in "regular" jeans, they look great, and they are just as comfortable as their more casual alternative. I've got two pairs, this one from New York and Company and this one from Nine West, and both are wardrobe regulars.

Layers. I am a product of my generation. To me, "layers" is when you put a hoodie on over your t-shirt, which is in turn on over your thermal. But I'm trying to get out of that mindset, at least some of the time, and think a bit more about layering when I'm dressing for work or something nicer. I've picked up a few super cute cardigans to aid me in this effort (given my climate, a cardigan is often all you need for a top layer) and am realizing that a hint of camisole shown under a sweater or scoop neck shirt is nice.

Trench coat.
It may have taken me nearly 30 years, but I've finally come around to the position that no, not all trench coats make you look like Inspector Gadget. I bought a classic, tan, unbelted London Fog trench in a waterproof fabric last year and I wear it all the time. Unlike my jean jacket, it makes me appear to be a grown up.

Colored shoes.
It's hard for me to buy shoes, and I tend to want the ones I do buy to go with everything. To that end, I've traditionally purchased any and all shoes in black. Slowly, however, I'm working towards my color in my shoes, most recently these adorable "sunglow" flats by Red Wing. And, surprise! They work with just as many outfits as a "neutral" would.

All that being said, there are some tips from Clinton and Stacy that I am never, ever going to take. Pointy heels aren't ever going to be a party of my daily wardrobe. I see what they mean, and even agree, about how jackets pull things together, especially on larger women, but I still can't make them work for me. And it will be a sad sad day if I ever stop going to the grocery store in my pajama pants.


That's interesting--I have only seen a few episodes, but in every episode I saw Stacy was like "oh it's a good thing you aren't a big fatty anymore!" I got a very negative impression of her. Also I feel like that show is more "How to dress like me!" more than "How to look good and appropriate, as well as in your own style." Honestly looking at Stacy makes me inordinately angry.

If someone on that show has any personal style, they remove it right away. They don't take into account people's real lives - they put 3rd grade teachers into stiletto heels and all dry clean fabrics, for instance.

And Stacy is such a f-ing beeetch. I hate her. The British version is quite nice, though.

I really like the jeans, but how high-waisted are they? Not that I'm trying to show off my ass at work, but I find that anything that hits at my waist makes me look two feet tall, in addition to being pretty uncomfortable.

Well, I have a really long torso, so things tend to be low-waisted on me even if they weren't intended that way. That being said, I think both pairs of the jeans I have are supposed to be of the "just below the waist" style. I don't think being high-waisted is part of the style of them or anything.

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