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Yesterday, Sara at Moving Right Along posted a list of blogs she's reading every day during NaBloPoMo. I took several of her recommendations and added them to my Feedreader--I love new blogs, and NaBloPoMo is a wonderful time to start reading, as there are new posts every day pretty much guaranteed. So I thought I'd return the favor, to whomever is out there, and share a few of the blogs I am reading every day.

Flooded Lizard Kingdom: My pal and brand-spanking-new mama The Princess is writing daily lists for NaBloPoMo, and I'm so happy to see her posting at the often-neglected Lizard Kingdom that I am hanging on her every bullet point.

LaurieWrites: Laurie's is a blog I discovered when I met its lovely author at BlogHer this past summer, and I am so happy I did. She's a good writer, has excellent music taste, and has cute doggies, of whom she should post more pictures.

: I don't think Karen is actually participating in NaBloPoMo, but she posts a picture and usually a few words every day, and I just love her blog. She's definitely my very favorite photo blogger, and I always read whatever she writes greedily and wish there were more.

Peter's Cross Station: Shannon has been one of my favorite bloggers for quite some time now, and I am super jazzed she's taking time to write every day this month. She seems to put an unusual for blogging level of thought into her posts, which makes them both educating and fun to read. Plus she makes me aware of things I otherwise wouldn't be and should be.

Red Stapler: Suebob's Red Stapler is another blog I am fairly new to, having met its author at BlogHer. It is both entertaining and edifying without being a brain drain. Plus she's responsible for the super-rad NaBloPoMo rules (which, incidentally, I am breaking in this post).

There are lots of other blogs I'm reading every day, of course, but these are the ones that first sprang to mind, and the ones I thought you might already know about. Go forth and read them. Enjoy!


often neglected?!

Aw, thanks for the love!

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