#14 Watch your language.


Miss Maggie says:

"What are the words you love, or the phrases you wish would come back in fashion?"

Oh, there are many. I tend to use the occasional colorful phrase myself, due mostly to a childhood spent around people who use colorful phrases. So here are some that I use that I think everyone should:

  • Built like a brick shithouse.

  • Gone pear-shaped.

  • Crik (for creek)

  • Rig (for car or truck)

  • Batshit crazy.

  • Like a red-headed stepchild.

  • Busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

Others, that I don't use myself, at least not yet, but wish would come into fashion or back into fashion, are:

  • On the job (for having sex)

  • Fisticuffs

  • Fortnight

What about you?


I use red headed stepchild frequently. it's the best! I also use fisticuffs. And sody! I love sody and say it all the time!

We speakers of British English use "fortnight" all the time. I had to train myself not to use it in the US, because it's not universally known here.

I still say "scared the tar out of [someone]". Also, "Heavier than a dead Okie" was one of my grandpa's favorites, 'cause that's where my grandma's family was from (and she was twice his size), tho it's harder to use without offending.

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