#23 Define your inscrutables.


Maggie says:

"Is nothing sacred? Well, not really. You're the type who puts it all out there--relationship details, depression-med doses, dark family secrets. With all that online information waiting to be discovered by your stunned parents, you might be surprised how much readers still don't know about you."

She goes on to say:
grace's handwriting sample
(The picture shows a sample of my handwriting, saying the following: "They wouldn't recognize your handwriting on a note, be able to discern your laughter in a group, or even know how tall you are. Take a photo of your handwriting, show readers your wardrobe, or record a short clip of yourself humming a tune. You've covered the big topics, now get to the details.")

So there's my handwriting. As for wardrobe, here are some pictures of my underwear and sock drawers, post re-organization:

underwear drawer

sock drawer
(The photos are of my very organized underwear and socks.)

The humming isn't going to happen. Trust me, you're better off.

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