#2 Fess up.


Today Maggie Mason suggests the following:

"All readers need an occasional dose of schadenfreude, so fess up. How do you fail? Do you consistently kill plants? Keep getting fired? Always take the last cookie? That's the stuff, friends. To err is human, but to share? Divine."

In many ways, it feels like the majority of what I write here is about how I fail, so I'm not sure I have anything really new to report. As you already know, I'm terrible with money and falling even deeper into debt, even though I have plenty of income. My self-discipline is truly lacking. I eat very poorly and don't exercise. I never floss. I've become a procrastinator in recent years. I snore. I have dandruff. I have a really poor sense of direction. I'm forever making big pronouncements and grand plans and not following through on them. My ability to navel-gaze is legendary. I fidget uncontrollably. I snort when I laugh. I an incredibly cranky when tired. I require pharmaceuticals to keep an even keel in general. I am a disaster in any sort of outdoor sporting situation.

Is that enough schadenfreude? I could go on all day...

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