#36 Swallow your pride.


Maggie suggests:

Scan in photos of you in a uniform with an awkward haircut, offer up the choicest yearbook inscriptions, or tell us about your top-three suspensions. The more miserable you were, the more endearing you'll become.

I've already regaled you with pictures of my unsavory past, but yearbook inscriptions? That's brilliant. I just happened to find my yearbooks recently, too, so lets see what we can find in there...all misspellings and sad grammar from the original.


Hey grace, Have a great year. I don't have any deep thoughts so party.

Hey neighbor, I love homework don't you. Just joking anyway friends forever & have fun yo only got 3 year left, they go by quick.

Hola Graciela! By the way--how the hell do you pronounce that name? I just want to say that you're a super-crazy/good friend. May all things come your way. Today and always. If you want to laugh just think of those 3 years at school you've left. You'll start laughing at once, I guarantee ya (good advice ha?) Let's have fun, lot's of fun I mean, this year. Stay the way you are. --Well, take care--cause I don't...


Hey Gracey. I like your hair it matches you. In the light its shiny and pretty but if you catch it just right its dark and scary. Don't worry about what people think and Tony can just kiss your ass. But if you need to scream at someone you can scream at me.

Hey Grace Stay spontanious, raise Hell, and get in lots of trouble, but don't take Sandy with you. Your a bad influence. Just kidding you're a great friend and have helped me allot. Thanks.

Grace. You flat chested over grown volleyball player. Now your cool kind of ya right. Your a good friend.


Hey word up, Hows every thing going last year sucked this years going to suck. and I would like to say Snatch

Grace, Well it's the last year that you will be in high school. You are the most gentle giant that I know. Have fun Grace.

Yo Grace. Even though we have different political views you're still pretty cool.

My senior yearbook is completely unsigned. If I remember correctly, we got our yearbooks the following fall, so I probably had that one mailed to me when I was already at Reed or something.

Looking through these makes me feel like everyone hated me in high school. Which may or may not have been the case, I honestly don't know (or much care). I should say, though, that none of the comments I choose to reproduce here were from particularly lose friends. I kept the close friends' comments private, just because as stupid as they may sound now, they were heartfelt.

I wish I had a way to see what I wrote in other people's books. That would likely be funnier. I thought I was awfully smart back then and probably tried to be profound. Gah.

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