#87 Do what you love.


Thought I was going to skip the Maggie Mason post today, didn't you? In favor of all-kitties-all-the-time? I thought so too, but it turns out I found a low impact one.

Consider your passion. Could you make an entire blog about biking, digital cameras, relationships?
Choose a subject you're passionate about and consider devoting yourself to it. You may not want to be a professional blogger, but you're more likely to maintain your blog in the long term if you're posting about things you care about.

This makes me think of a couple of things. The first and most obvious is Heroine Content. My HC co-blogger Skye and I are both dedicated to feminism and anti-racism, and both love action movies, and out of those passions, Heroine Content was born. It's honestly the most fun I've had blogging--I'm energized by it, I'm proud of it, and I think it's a great resource.

There are also a couple of other passions in my life that I think would make good single subject blogs--specifically, dog rescue and thrift shopping. I've been thinking about how to go about focusing more intensively on those two things, and hope to figure out a way to do that in 2008. I hesitate to just jump right in and start two more blogs, but that may be the best thing to do. What do you think?

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