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I missed one, and in the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to add it.

I ordered a $25 Mystery Sampler from Lollibomb Beauty in the hopes of getting some hip looking products to pass on to my nieces. Shipping was an additional $7.50. I requested a "most popular scents" sampler, since I wasn't sure what said nieces would enjoy.

The box came today, and my first thought was, "'s...small."

The box contains the following:
1 .5 oz body frosting in "On the Lamb" ("Notes of white freesia, violet, peach, rose, jasmine and pear blended with orange blossom, frangipani blossom, and heliotrope flowers for one unique, sensual fragrance that's unforgettable!")
1 3ml lip balm in "Melon Margarita"
1 1 oz travel lotion in "Fuzzy Navel"
1 4 oz sugar scrub in "Mint Chocolate Chip"
3 .3 oz fragrance rollers, in "Almond Biscotti," "New Age Girl," (no idea what that means) and "Yuzu"

To make my first impression worse, something oily spilled a little bit in the box, I think, as everything seems slightly greasy and the labels are peeling off things. And it all smells really really strong. Note to self: vegan does not mean natural.

So...yeah, I'm not thrilled with the quality or the quantity here. Yeah, it mostly seems usable for its intended purpose, but compared to all the other great indie stuff I've found, I'm not at all wowed.


I really appreciate your reviews! I too have been searching for a LUSH alternative. Have you tried Bella Bomb yet? Thanks & Happy New Year!

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