Bath products galore!


I know I said I was going to shut up, but since typing has the benefit of not hurting my throat the way talking does, y'all are one of only communication outlets until this plague leaves me.

Besides, I want to share my scores.

I mentioned before that I scored a few great things at Black Friday sales. Well, I've done some shopping since then. I'm planning to give a few folks non-Lush bath goodies for Christmas, so I ordered from several online shops, all of whom seem to have very high quality products, are independent, generally woman-owned businesses, and don't piss me off. I haven't tried the stuff out myself yet, as I'm not 100% sure what I am gifting and what I am keeping, but it looks and smells divine.

cottage garden.jpgFrom Cottage Garden Therapies I ordered nine bars of soap. A Black Friday sale got me free shipping, so my total cost was $35. I ordered a package of six goat's milk and honey holidays soaps and a package of 3 regular milk and honey soaps. The scents I chose were cranberry, Santa's Whiskers, pumpkin spice, cinnamon cider, frankincense & myrrh, outrageous orange, eucalyptus mint, milk and honey, and lavender mint. These 4 oz. soaps are individually packaged in labeled cardboard boxes with a wax seal, so they'll be perfect for small gifts and stockings. They are handmade in Louisiana with all natural ingredients.

sassy orderFrom another new-to-me shop, Sassy Scrubs and Such, I spent $17, including shipping, and got a ton of stuff. I got six two-ounce sample size scrubs, in my choice of scents (2 rose, 2 lavender, 2 brown sugar fig) and six dozen bath fizzes (gingerbread, brown sugar fig, black raspberry vanilla, rose, lavender, cinnamon orange. The nice folks also sent me a free lip balm. I feel good about supporting Sassy, too--it's an Etsy shop run by a SAHM to three boys.

rainforest orderFinally, I made yet another order from my new go-to place, Rainforest Soap Shack. With the thought of getting things not just for myself, but for others, I ordered a "Christmas Sampler Pack" which contains a 2 oz sugar whip in Icy Kiss ("Peppermint Candy Canes, Eucalyptus and Black Cherry"), a 2 oz body whip in Mrs. Claus's Kitchen ("Fresh Baked Gingerbread and Maple Sugar", and a 2 oz bath butter in Deck the Halls ("A spicy combination of Cranberries and Cloves"); a regular sampler back, which contains 3 2 oz body frostings, in Lavender Dreams, Chai Tea, and Girls Night Out ("A rich bouquet of fruits and flowers on an intense base of musk & creamy vanilla notes."), and three bath bombs (Girls Night Out, Things That Make You Go Hmm ("This fragrance begins with top notes of just the right amount of sweet raspberries, followed with middle notes of buttery marshmallow cream filling; perfectly rounded out with bitter sweet chocolate.")..., and Lavender Dreams). A free Christmas-themed rubber duckie, a .5 oz sugar whip sample in Monkey Farts ("A unique blend of bananas and fresh grapefruit, with strawberries, kiwi, bubble gum and a touch of vanilla."), some mini candy canes, and a teeny vial of Mango Tango perfume were included for free. My total including shipping was $27.09.

Honestly. How much do you wish you were on my list?


Dare I ask what "Santa's Whiskers" smells like? I'm thinking brandy and cigarettes, but maybe that's just where I grew up?

Haha. A reasonable guess. Actually, though, it's mint and bayberry.

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