Handmade product review round-up


I few things that aren't gifts, so I can talk about them freely.

claire de lune cloth pantylinersClaire de Lune cloth pantyliners. These were 3 for $10.50, plus $1.50 S&H, and they're fabulous. They are very lightweight, which works great for me, but are still long enough to provide reasonable panty coverage. And the fabrics are cute, too! They seem very well-made and I expect they'll be long-lasting.

modest maiden cloth padModest Maiden cloth pads. These were more expensive: I paid $5.50 each for two pads and got free shipping. I don't like them as well, either--they fabric is cute and they're well made, but they are thicker and shorter and so far I've leaked around them. They are also staining in a pretty displeasing way.

Barb's Homemade Soap. During their Black Friday Sale, I got four slices of shea butter soap (peppermint, Autumn Sunshine, fig, and orange) and three bath bombs (Golden Honey, Sweet Dreams, and Refresh) for $19 including shipping. So far, I've only tried the Autumn Sunshine soap and the Sweet Dreams bath bomb, but I'm pleased. The fragrances are very nice and the bath bomb left my skin very soft. The soap lathers well, but is disappearing very very fast.

Bauble Bath. This was my biggest Black Friday score. I ordered two Bauble Samplers (each made up of seven assorted one-bath size mini bath bombs), a package of peppermint snowmen bath melts, and a package of honey bath melts, and paid a total of $21.95. A full-size gingerbread bath bomb was included in my order free of charge. And this is good stuff--smells great, makes your skin feel wonderful. The mini bath bomb sampler is a good deal in general, too--I think it's only $7 full regular price.

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