The same month I started this blog (August 2003), I began my master's degree in public affairs.

Today, I finished it. I just got back from turning in my final paperwork and a copy of my final report (sort of like a master's thesis). My i's are all dotted, my t's all crossed, all the signatures gathered. I'm finished. Once everything is checked off on somebody's list, I will have a master's degree.

It's been a long road. I went full-time for a year, did my summer internship, and then...scattered. I took a job and started taking classes part time, and then not at all for a while, and then part time again. I put off calculus for as long as humanly possible. I dallied on my final report for two semesters. I really disliked a lot of it, thought numerous times about just quitting. But as much as I procrastinated, I didn't quit, and today I legitimately finished.

I'm proud of myself.



As you should be! Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment.

Congrats. I prefer Mistress to Master. However I enjoyed walking around like Frankenstein yelling "Science! I HAVE MASTERED YOU!" Yeah Science just is such a coward.

I shall show you the secret handshake.

Yee haw! Congratulations!


Congratulations, Grace!!! :-D

Congrats - i'm sure that's a great feeling!


(guitar riff)
"Yooou are the master, mah fri-ends
(nah nah nah, nah nah nah)
And yooou kept on writing
till the end
(nah nah nah nah)
You are the Master,
you are the Master,
no time for losers
'cause you are the Master
of publicpolicee."

(Now imagine me in a polyester pantsuit playing air guitar...)

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