People disappoint me


Twice, now, I've come upon a new blog or podcast and been enjoying the hell out of it when all of a sudden I've come across an entry all about abusing or otherwise mistreating an animal, told as if it's funny. First it was a podcast all about flushing a live mud puppy down the toilet because it grew to be "freaky" and then taking a whole line of dogs to the pound because they acted like dogs, and then today it was a blog entry about allowing a child's dying hamster to suffer all day, then feeding it to a neighborhood cat when it finally expired. Now maybe I'm a touch to sensitive when it comes to pet-related stuff, but y'all, none of that is funny. And two more blogs/podcasts are struck from my list.


I didn't allow the hamster to die. I did everything I knew how, including phoning a vet, to save the poor thing. Perhaps you wouldn't have been so offended if I had squished the poor thing and put it out of it's misery, but I didn't have the stomach do that. I did the best I could do to make it's last hours comfortable.

As for feeding it to a cat, I didn't exactly set it on a silver platter and stroke the kitty while it dined. I tossed the remains into the bush on my acreage. Whether the cat ate it or not, we will never know as I didn't stick around to watch.

I wrote the post to find the humour in what was a sad and absurd situation that my children and I endured. As with many things, humour is in the eye of the beholder.

However, as with all blogs, you are free to pick and choose the ones you read and the ones you don't. That is what is wonderful about the blogosphere.

Have a merry Christmas!

What do you think she should have done?

I'm curious, because reading the entry, yeah, it was presented as humorous...but sometimes people cope that way. I didn't really see anything totally appalling about it. I'm not sure I would have had it in me to kill the little creature, quite frankly.

I dunno...people write humorous entries about a lot of things...death of humans too.

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