Kitten Update, Day 37


It's been a while. I thought maybe you all were missing the kittens.

These first two pictures are rare glimpses of all four kittens, holding fairly still, in the same frame. From left to right you see Holly, Feliz, Noel, and Yuel.

4 kittens, day 37

all 4 kittens, day 37

This picture just shows three of the kittens, Feliz, Yuel, and Noel, but it was too cute not to show you.

feliz, yuel, noel, day 37.jpg

This next one is close-up of Noel, who is still the biggest of the lot--fat little thing.

noel day 37

The next two funny pictures are of my baby tabby, Feliz. In the first, he's showing his mean face, in the second, his table manners.

feliz day 37

feliz's table manners

Finally, here's one of Mama. She's looking a lot better these days--weaning is probably a smart move at this point--the little ones are half her size by now.



Are you keeping Feliz?

Nope. Not going to keep any of them, sadly. Three cats is plenty.

OMG, I want Holly! Why must you live so far away?

At what age will they go to their new homes?

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