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Today's featured kitty is Noel. Noel can be distinguished by having the black and white face with the fewest markings, as well as by being the biggest of the kittens.


Previously a bit shy, Noel is now the only kitten besides the camera-hogging tabby Feliz, who likes to have her picture taken. She enjoys being allowed out of the kitten room, eating as much soft food as she can get (she's partial to venison & green pea grain-free food), and playing the occasional game of "scratch-post king of the mountain" or "let's pop each other from under the door." Noel is among the more serious of the kittens, as shown in contrast to Holly and Feliz.

holly, noel, feliz<

All in all, Noel is a wonderful cat who would make a fine companion to anyone who has enough spare cash to keep her in high-quality kibble. I feel that Noel will likely turn out to be quite large, so if you need a cat for protection, she's your girl. Does Noel sound like the cat for you?


A cat for protection. Snort.

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