The joy of new blogs


A trip to vote for the 8th Annual Weblog Awards yesterday let me to explore a whole world of new blogs. Most of them I'd never heard of before, and a few I had forgotten about. And now I am in new-blog heaven. So I thought I'd share.

Craft blogs are amazing. I am inspired and fascinated and jealous. A couple of good ones are:
angry chicken, where Amy sews, bakes, cuts paper, and has a fantastic sense of design. Her talent leaves me in complete awe.
I already knew, of course, about Apartment Therapy, but I hadn't checked it out in a while. Now I have, and I remember what's so great about it. I am particularly enamored with the art of Damian Aquiles, made of such great stuff as old paint cans and part of cars, featured on the blog yesterday.
I kind of want to move in with Alicia from Posie Get Cozy. Even if I hated her blog, I'd keep it on my reader to check for new pictures of her adorable Corgi. And I don't hate it. It makes me want to learn to crochet. Plus, how cute is her house!?

As is clear by my last few days of posts, I've been trying to cultivate a little sense of style recently. There are definitely some blogs helping with that. They include:
The Budget Fashionista, which provides a blessedly realistic look at how to look good, complete with shopping tips. My only wish is that they'd say more about the beauty of thrifting.
The DC Goodwill Fashion Blog does, however, focus on thrifting.
I've mentioned her already, but I am greatly indebted already to Allie her blogs Wardrobe Oxygen and especially My Wardrobe Today. Her outlook, "every woman is utterly gorgeous, and can feel beautiful and stylish no matter her budget or body," is something I will be trying to learn from every day in the upcoming weeks.
I don't know if I have already talked about this, but I love the style photo section Dooce is doing now. She features things like beautiful tins of lip balm and perfect blue teacups, and it makes me take a moment to notice the great style of objects in my own every day life.

Finally, I am checking out a few new more multi-purpose blogs. The Live Lightly Tour blog if following a family across the country in a veggie oil-powered RV. Recovering Straight Girl is a hi-larious lesbian blogger from my beloved Portland who says she's "leading the doily dyke revolution." Finally, Waiter Rant is a blog that everyone but me apparently already knew about, but I just learned, and I am in lurve. A waiter telling nasty stories about his customers in a fancy restaurant! What could be better?

Y'all, what did we do before blogs?

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