The mental state of me


Since I have had not one but several emails over the past few days inquiring as to whether or not I am OK (one of which said that the writer had "sensed a disturbance in the Force," which I am just geeky enough to love), I thought maybe I'd better make an announcement.

I'm just fine. The past couple of weeks (since I got back from Norway, really) have been very tough, but not for anything but the most mundane reason: it's high cedar season in here in lovely Austin, Texas and my allergies have been kicking. my. ass. Basically, I am irritable, stupid, and at about 5% breathing capacity. Also, I snore. So I am a total joy to live with. But it's nothing insurmountable, and in fact I think (knock wood) that the worst of it may have past.

As always, I am astounded and humbled that folks notice, just from online presence or lack thereof, that something is up with me. Truly, I am blessed.


yeah mychy asked me how you were too! i know how horrible allergies can make the rest of your life. :(

Ick. I hope you feel better soon!!

Hey, there's something I've been wondering about, and I thought you would be the perfect person to ask. I want to get/read a book about the history of feminism, starting with or before suffrage. The problem is that I usually hate reading something more story-oriented (aka not dry) would be good. Any suggestions?

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