Empty nest


Yesterday, the final kitten was adopted. There is no more constant bell sound in our house, and no more need to watch your feet whenever you walk anywhere, as they are open to attack from a 2 lb black and white fur ball. It's very sad.

That being said, having these kittens has been a wonderful experience. Being able to see them through Illy's entire pregnancy and then their first 8-10 weeks of life was a true blessing. Were I not so afraid to seem sentimental and trite, I'd possibly use the word miracle.

On a more practical note, rescue/fostering cats, at least based on this experience, is somewhere around a million times easier and less stressful than dogs. When we had the puppies there was a constant feeling of barely-maintained sanity. We had them for less total time, but they were way way more work. I'm sure some of that has to do with not having their mom with them, but puppies are just harder--more into things, louder, and entail a world more excretion clean up. Plus puppies are way more expensive. We ended up asking for a $50 adoption fee for each kitten, and while that didn't pay for everything (Illy's vet care while pregnant, food, litter, etc.) it made a sizable dent.

So this has been an overall great experience, and something I'd like to do again. Since both our dogs and our cats react pretty well to new cats, I think we could definitely take in another pregnant stray sometime in the future.

In the meantime, we're still deciding whether or not to try to find a home for Illy. She's fine here, and we really like her, but a third cat was never intended, and it would certainly be easier to foster again without three permanent feline residents. We'll see.


This is a really great site! I love hearing all your wonderfully detailed descriptions of everything. And it's so cool that you have a cat named Esme...is it short for Esmerelda? I have a cat named Esmerelda and I nickname her Esme (other nicknames include Ezzie, Ez ,Little Ezziesweetiepie, And Esme Girl) i'll keep up with your posts....Sophia

Cute site! I Luv the kyoot littyl kittens!

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