Indoor/outdoor debate, for Amanda


In a nutshell.

Reasons cats should be allowed outdoors:

  • They need fresh air.

  • It is mean to keep them trapped inside.

  • They need to hunt.

Reasons cats should not be allowed outdoors:

  • They harm native bird species.

  • It statistically shortens their lifespans, via accident, predators, and/or disease.

  • it is irresponsible to allow your pet to defecate somewhere you can't clean it up.

  • It is irresponsible to allow your pet free access to other people's property.




I wish people in my country thought like you. Most of our native birds are flightless, and cats have wiped out huge numbers of them. But over there, almost no one has an indoors-only cat.

Pet cats on the prowl are responsible for millions of killed birds every year. Billions really, I suppose, but my knowledge of the stats is only for the U.S. They do not stop hunting when not hungry either.

I really do understand the wish to let cats outside, I've had cats when my family lived in the country and they were indoor/outdoor cats and possibly happier for that. They also had much shorter lives. And their impact on the bird population, and the bird population's key place in the overall ecology really can't and shouldn't be ignored.

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